Obsession of the Week: Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are back! The long and flowing dresses are perfect for almost any occasion because they can so easily be dressed up or down.

Different from the past, today’s fashionistas are stepping outside the monochromatic look and opting for more expression with patterned dresses.The tribal pattern is all the rage right now and works for everyone. But I still love the classic black maxi dress because it’s so versatile. It can be worn to class or out for a nice dinner, all depending on how you accessorize.

Girls all around campus are rocking the maxi dresses in wild and crazy patterns but dressing them down by wearing their hair up and pairing the dresses with simple sandals, sometimes even just your basic leather flip flops are the perfect touch when trying to achieve the laid back boho look.

The best part about maxi dresses is the fact that they are so simple and significantly cut down the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning. That is one of my biggest problems, some days it takes me an hour to pick out my outfit! With a maxi dress, I just put it on, layer on some jewelry, throw my hair into a braid and I’m good to go, I love it! And even though it takes about 5 minutes to put this look together, it looks fashionable enough to make people think you took all day getting ready, you cant beat it!

Here are some looks to use for inspiration! Be creative and think boho!


Pair your maxi with a jacket for those breezy sunny spring days. Try a denim jacket, they’re so chic right now.



The Met Gala

Being as this is a fashion blog, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t post about the Met Gala. For those of you a little behind the times the Met Gala is the biggest fashion event of the year. It’s basically New York’s Oscars because of the star studded red carpet.

“This years event took place on Monday to celebrate the Met’s newest exhibition “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations”. Which, I might add, I am going to visit! My fashion history class has organized a trip this coming Friday to visit the exhibit. Totally excited. It’s crazy because these designers creations are separated by a half-century, hence the name Impossible Conversations.

I pulled this section from a New York Times article by Eric Wilson, describing the backlash Mrs. Prada received.

“Best not mention that to Mrs. Prada, one of the most influential female designers in recent history, who initially rebuffed the museum’s plans to mount an exhibition that compared her to Schiaparelli, who died in 1973. Mrs. Prada said in many interviews about the show that she had never been inspired by the work of her predecessor.

“Well,” Mr. Ford said, “Coco Chanel said that creativity is the art of concealing your sources.”

Fashion snap.”

All I have to say about that is– Well said, Tom Ford.

The fashion’s at the Met Gala are seriously amazing, with some expected wacky duds. As anticipated a bevy of stars showed up in their finest designers gowns and tuxedos. There was a metallic and mesh trend that appeared amongst the stars.


These celebs did metallic right. Nina Dobrev in a one-shoulder Donna Karan gown. Gwyneth Paltrow in a Prada dress and jewelry by Anna Hu Haute Joallerie. Jessica Alba in a metallic Michael Kors dress.


The meshy/see through trend was exemplified perfectly in these gowns. Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior. Renee Zellweger in an Emilio Pucci silk gown. Victoria Justice in McQ Alexander McQueen.


Ashton Kutcher Impersonates Karl Lagerfeld

Funny guy Ashton Kutcher does it again. This video is a part of a series for Pop Chips in which Ashton does a spoof on dating sites. This one is particular he is so obviously portraying the infamous Karl Lagerfeld, with his signature outfit including fingerless gloves, designer shades, and obscure jewls. Ashton throws a few digs at Karl during the video but they are all in good fun. All in all an entertaining video that wasn’t as funny as expected. But come on it’s interesting I mean Karl Lagerfeld is getting made fun of people how can you not be intrigued!?

Obsession of the Week: Colored Denim

The latest trend to hit the streets has got to be colored denim. It all happened so quickly, virtually overnight these colorful pants have received a ton a hype. This trend has been spotted on practically every stylish celebrity you can think of and it’s because they look great on everyone!


It’s easy to dress the denim up or down, use these celebrities as inspiration. Create a cute date night look or a casual outfit to run errands in.

One thing you have to be careful of when rocking colored denim is, of course, the color. My favorite is the collection of light pastels, they give a fresh spring feel to the simple white t-shirt and jeans look. The brighter colors scare me a bit and should always be paired with neutrals in an attempt to calm them down. But don’t get me wrong, any color denim can look fabulous when worn correctly.

It is very important to focus on getting a perfect fit because an ill fitting pair of jeans can ruin your whole look. You want to stay away from extremely tight fits because the colors are so light in some cases they show all of your imperfections (e.g. the dreaded cellulite). Also, it is important to splurge a little on this purchase because usually when jeans are cheap they are made from a thin fabric, which again puts a spotlight on any flaws that us women want to keep hidden.

The Kardashian sisters have perfected the art of wearing the colored jean, while still looking like a complete badass.


Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts

It’s that time of year again. College students everywhere start to get antsy and place their bikini orders at Victoria’s Secret.com. It’s the long awaited Spring Break! The trip that made so many of us work so hard during winter break only to leave us bankrupt after making that final payment to Student City. This time can evoke a lot of emotions from us but, one common feeling everyone is sharing is the ungodly excitement you never thought you’d feel again after visiting Disney World when you were 8. For those of you who haven’t experienced Spring Break before I know you’re a little scared (admit it!). I mean, being in a foreign country is just that, foreign. Take a deep breath of relief because I can assure you it will be nothing but fun if you follow some simple do’s and don’ts.


  • Drink water (or agua depending on your destination) the heavy drinking that will be taking place can easily leave you dehydrated and sickly. Asking for a glass of water at the bar is a little less embarrassing than taking a $200 ambulance ride.
  • Use the buddy system. It sounds immature but ask around and you’ll hear horror stories about girls who have wondered off alone. Natalee Holloway, need I say more?
  • Bring plastic bags to store your shower and hair stuff. My toiletry items exploded in my suitcase. That was not a fun time.
  • Drink beer. Sorry ladies it’s your best bet. My travels to Mexico crushed my love of mixed and frozen drinks. Just remember “all inclusive” means “extremely watered down drinks”
  • Pack dresses rather than skirts. It saves space and cuts down on your getting ready time. Plus it’s always better to be over dressed rather than under dressed. By the end of my trip all of my roommates were borrowing my clothes because I brought so many dresses.
  • Bring more than one bottle of sunscreen. No, tanning oil with 8SPF is not good enough.


  • Drink too much! No one likes a sloppy spring breaker, its bound to happen to someone so make sure it isn’t you.
  • Tequila. Just don’t. If you decide to do Tequila be aware of your limits. This alcohol has been known to make people go loco.
  • Wonder off alone! I told you this one already but it’s THAT important.
  • Drink the water. Depending on your destination but, in most cases bottled water remains the safest route.
  • Fight. Verbally or physically. The last thing you want to do is call your parents asking them to bail you out of Mexican jail.
  • Be a party pooper, have fun! Make the best out of situations and don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Enter any “contests”. Wet t-shirt contests, sex position contests, etc. all fall under the “why the hell did I do that” category. Participate at your own risk.

My Spring Break to Cancun was amazing. Of course there were ups and downs but that’s life. It’s easy to have a good time when you’re in a beautiful place, with delicious (watery) drinks, and buff boys.


USA Olympic Team + Ralph Lauren = GENIUS

All I have to say is if we weren’t the most fashionable country before, we definitely are now.


News just broke reveling that Ralph Lauren will be designing the uniforms for the USA 2012 Olympic team. This may just be the most ingenious idea anyone has ever had and I would personally like to applaud the originator. When you think Ralph Lauren you think America, red, white, and blue, July 4th, the list goes on. Ralph Lauren is the epitome of everything USA, he is by far the best choice for this particular job.

I predict the uniforms to be classy and timeless just as all of his pieces are. Will they even look like uniforms at all? Hmm…

The Ralph Lauren 2012 Olympic Collection will feature reissued heritage pieces from the 1930s and ‘40s, including fleece warm-ups, a cricket-collar shirt and sweatshirts with USA appliqués. Reproductions of track & field designs feature an updated 1948 crest.

The 2012 Olympics will be the most stylist yet with the UK revealing just last week that their uniforms will be designed by Stella McCartney and Giorgio Armani working alongside the Italians. I’m confused, is this a fashion show or the Olympics? Either way, I don’t hate it. Maybe this time around I’ll watch more than just the gymnastics segment.



Just informed my boyfriend that Ralph Lauren is designing the Olympic uniforms and he responds with “Don’t they usually?” I have yet to research this but, if this is true WHERE HAVE I BEEN? No, seriously, where? I guess the previous uniforms couldn’t have been that great considering I had no inclination whatsoever that Ralph Lauren was behind them. Whoops…

Obsession of the Week: Skulls

They’ve been around forever but have never been this high fashion, cute, or sparkly! Skulls are everywhere, from the run ways to the streets they are more popular than ever. Seen on a-list celebs like Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum and Miley Cyrus. The boys haven’t been shy with this trend either, Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake are big fans and rock the skulls frequently.

Skulls used to remind me of well, dealth. A few years ago I would not have been caught dead wearing anything with skulls or cross bones or anything that remotely resembled the two. I had it set in my mind that skulls went hand in hand with the dark, heavy eyeliner, grungy gothic look and believe me that was the opposite of what I was going for at the time. Thank god things have changed. Bye bye gothic skulls. Helloooooo high fashion skulls.

Today, skulls can be incorporated into a multitude of looks. I like to wear a some what grungy outfit when I choose to layer on my skulls. But it doesn’t always have to go that way.

Skulls can be a bit out there for some of our more reserved fashionistas and in that case you should ease your way into the trend.


Try adding a skull scarf to a simple outfit like Nicole Richie. This particular scarf from the late Alexander Mcqueen is a favorite among celebs. Add a bright side bag for a pop of color like Kim Kardashian.

Rihanna, a designer?

“I want to design. This is also a road that I want to earn it. So I’m working with designers. Designers that I respect, and [fashion] companies that I respect. I want people to really trust me before I just say ‘Buy it because it’s mine,'” – Rihanna

Yes, rumor has it that Rihanna is on track to becoming the newest celeb-turner-designer. After her most recent team-up with Armani she has big plans to launch her very own signature fashion line. RiRi revealed that she is working with her favorite and most respected designers, which of course she failed to reveal any names or specifics. I’m guessing it’s too soon to say.

If you haven’t watched the steamy Armani Jeans ad, you are missing out. As per usual the video is racey and provocative, but honestly would we expect anything else from Rihanna? The minute long black and white spot features a barely clothed Rihanna tossing and turning in the sheets, having troubles sleeping before an early flight. Take a look for yourself, I know after I watched I definitely wanted a pair of these amazing Armani jeans.


Now that I’ve successfully distracted everyone back to the issue at hand, ANOTHER celeb-turned-designer? In most cases, I absolutely despise when celebrities start their own lines, it’s obnoxious and egotistical. Isn’t being rich and famous enough for you people?! BUT unlike most celebs that attempt to do this Rihanna is actually a style icon. She possess her own unique personal style, not something highly paid stylists have concocted. Because she does have a keen sense of fashion and a large following it’s inevitable that she will achieve success in this venture, but the question is will it last? Many of her fans will support her and this will make it easier for them to emulate their favorite celebrity’s once unattainable style.

I look forward to seeing how Rihanna handles the growth of a potentially huge career move because this could make or break her reputation as a serious fashion icon and respected celebrity. I’m also excited to see how she is as a designer. I anticipate the vibe of the line to be rocker glam while incorporating her unique and rather edgy personal style.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the star sees any real, lasting success in the fashion industry. Best of luck!

Obsession of the Week: Fringe

Fringe, fringe, fringe! I’m going to Cancun for Spring break in about a week and I’ve been doing a rather large amount of shopping in order to prepare for this upcoming climate change. New bathing suits, shorts, tanks, dresses, anything and everything summer/spring. Now, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of fringe but the new chic ways the trend has been incorporated has caused a change of heart.

This 70’s inspired trend was first brought to our attention last year for the spring/summer 2011 collections but it’s safe to say fringe isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Mixing a touch of the past with a modern spin has proven to be a great success and favorite of many fashion forward celebs like Rachel Bilson, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus. Fringe bags have proven to be the most popular amongst the celebrities. Fringe is an instant way to add a boho, hippie feel to various types of outfits. Even a simple fringe detail purse can change the whole look of an ensemble.

With summer fast approaching, shorts are slowly being added back into wardrobes around the area. I know what you must be thinking, fringe and shorts? I was hesitant at first also, but the interesting combination has become a chic must have for summer.

These fringe shorts from Urban Outfitters are unique and can spruce up any summer outfit. The high waist detail combines another popular trend making this shorts a hot commodity amongst fashionistas.

If you’re on a college student budget, like I am, you can easily refashion a pair of old denim shorts by adding some fringe and stud detail to the pockets. DIY projects like this are a great way to save money while adding a fashionable new piece to your wardrobe.

Rainy Days: Fab or Frumpy?

Today, I would like to address outfits on rainy days because we’ve had a few here this week on the University of Delaware campus. It’s always interesting to me to see what my fellow students have chosen to wear on these gloomy gross days. It seems for the girls we have two cases; fab or frumpy. We have the fab girl who thinks, just because it is a rainy day doesn’t mean she has to look any less fashionable that normal. Then we have the frumpy girl who believes it’s raining, it’s gross, so it’s completely acceptable for my appearance to match the weather. Not okay.

I myself, like to have a balance between fab and frumpy because lets be honest, if you go to far to either side you may find yourself just looking silly. I do strongly believe a girl doesn’t have to look a mess because the weather isn’t 75 and sunny. So in order to help girls struggling to achieve a cute and comfy look I have developed some tips:

  • Don’t underestimate the rain boot! They’re practical and can be worked into an outfit seamlessly. I haven’t always been a fan of the rain boot. I just recently bought my first pair because I refused to purchase such an ugly, clunky boot. It may be a task to find a cute rain boot but keep searching, you will eventually find what you’re looking for!
  • Umbrella, umbrella, umbrella! An umbrella can make a seriously cute statement! Instead of going for a solid black drab umbrella, think patterns and crazy colors.
  • My go to for sprucing up a rainy day outfit is a scarf. A scarf can add a pop of color to your otherwise doughty outfit, try yellow or bright red. And again, don’t forget about patterns!

Here’s a few looks I love, use these for inspiration when creating your own looks!