All I have to say is if we weren’t the most fashionable country before, we definitely are now.


News just broke reveling that Ralph Lauren will be designing the uniforms for the USA 2012 Olympic team. This may just be the most ingenious idea anyone has ever had and I would personally like to applaud the originator. When you think Ralph Lauren you think America, red, white, and blue, July 4th, the list goes on. Ralph Lauren is the epitome of everything USA, he is by far the best choice for this particular job.

I predict the uniforms to be classy and timeless just as all of his pieces are. Will they even look like uniforms at all? Hmm…

The Ralph Lauren 2012 Olympic Collection will feature reissued heritage pieces from the 1930s and ‘40s, including fleece warm-ups, a cricket-collar shirt and sweatshirts with USA appliqués. Reproductions of track & field designs feature an updated 1948 crest.

The 2012 Olympics will be the most stylist yet with the UK revealing just last week that their uniforms will be designed by Stella McCartney and Giorgio Armani working alongside the Italians. I’m confused, is this a fashion show or the Olympics? Either way, I don’t hate it. Maybe this time around I’ll watch more than just the gymnastics segment.



Just informed my boyfriend that Ralph Lauren is designing the Olympic uniforms and he responds with “Don’t they usually?” I have yet to research this but, if this is true WHERE HAVE I BEEN? No, seriously, where? I guess the previous uniforms couldn’t have been that great considering I had no inclination whatsoever that Ralph Lauren was behind them. Whoops…