The latest trend to hit the streets has got to be colored denim. It all happened so quickly, virtually overnight these colorful pants have received a ton a hype. This trend has been spotted on practically every stylish celebrity you can think of and it’s because they look great on everyone!


It’s easy to dress the denim up or down, use these celebrities as inspiration. Create a cute date night look or a casual outfit to run errands in.

One thing you have to be careful of when rocking colored denim is, of course, the color. My favorite is the collection of light pastels, they give a fresh spring feel to the simple white t-shirt and jeans look. The brighter colors scare me a bit and should always be paired with neutrals in an attempt to calm them down. But don’t get me wrong, any color denim can look fabulous when worn correctly.

It is very important to focus on getting a perfect fit because an ill fitting pair of jeans can ruin your whole look. You want to stay away from extremely tight fits because the colors are so light in some cases they show all of your imperfections (e.g. the dreaded cellulite). Also, it is important to splurge a little on this purchase because usually when jeans are cheap they are made from a thin fabric, which again puts a spotlight on any flaws that us women want to keep hidden.

The Kardashian sisters have perfected the art of wearing the colored jean, while still looking like a complete badass.